Gosh, it has been so long since I posted anything here ! This poor blog has been lying neglected, as usual.

In any case, one must only write when one feels like. Today, I feel like expressing myself.

I have been suffering from a lot of anxiety in the past few days. It might be a result of spending so many hours by myself, at home. Being a homemaker does not seem to suit me, somehow. For that very reason, and many others, it is a good thing that I will be starting work very soon.

Hopefully, everything will work out fine soon. Will write more later.

Who are the real terrorists ??

A lot has happened, since I last posted here. Both, personally and otherwise. But, every single one of these changes has been affecting me at a very personal level.

Much has been said about the Bombay (I refuse to call it Mumbai !) terror attacks. It has also found expression in terms of candle-lit marches, quiet demonstrations, and maybe not-so-quiet ones too. A lot of people have been suggesting solutions too, for preventing these kind of attacks in the future.

I don’t have any solutions to give. But one of the articles that has stuck to my head is a piece of conversation between one of the hostages (who survived), and one of the terrorists, that I read about in the papers. When the lady asked the militant why he was carrying out these atrocities, he cited instances where Muslims were killed during the Godhra riots and the Babri Masjid riots.

Though, I don’t agree that the reason he gave justified his actions, I do strongly feel that what happened during those riots was as bad. What was worse, is that those riots were state-sponsored ! The guys who carried out the Bombay attacks were hard-core terrorists. But what about those who caused the Babri Masjid and Godhra riots ? The so-called politicians who are supposed to be taking care of our citizens. They are the worst terrorists.

It makes me feel so angry and helpless that the very people who stoked communalism in our country countless times, and caused the killings of so many innocent people are walking around free. Why weren’t they taken to task ? Isn’t it a known fact that Narendra Modi was the mastermind behind the Godhra riots ? Why hasn’t he been arrested ?!

I don’t care for people who say that he is the man responsible for the success of Gujarat state. Success at the cost of what ? Of antagonising a sect of people and making them feel marginalised ! I wish the whole country had caused an uproar at that time, like they are doing now. Maybe, this terror attack could have been avoided.

I feel, politicians such as Narendra Modi, LK Advani, Bal Thackeray, Raj Thackeray…and countless others should be strongly penalised for adopting the ‘Divide and Rule’ approach to increase their vote bank, at the cost of the unity of our country. They are the terrorists of the worst sort !

Even now, it is not too late. Make them pay for what they have done. That way, we’ll be sending out strong signals to the Muslim community of India, that this country is against extremism of all sorts !

Circle of Life…

So everything in life comes a full circle eventually…

There was a time I would look at investment bankers with a sense of awe (tinged with a bit of envy, maybe), for having coveted the dream job with the six-figure salary. But, not any more. Ever since the big banks in USA have filed for bankruptcy, things are not so rosy any more for our bankers. Apparently, many of them are now jobless. What is worse, is that they might not be able to land jobs with such high salaries again, going by the gloomy outlook of the economy. To cite a really cliched phrase, every dog has his day…


 India seems to be going through a bad phase yet again. Serial blasts in Delhi, communal problems in Karnataka, and some others. I am now beginning to believe that religion is truly the root cause of all problems. I think the world would be much better off without it ! All it does is create divisions. For instance, it is now becoming difficult for me to maintain an unbiased view towards Islam and Muslims. I have a couple of friends who are devout Muslims, and I see an invisible wall come up between us, whenever the talk veers towards religion.

Though I am aware that the problems are being caused by a select few, and that the rest of the people are purely innocent, how can I possibly get over the fact that most militants today happen to be Muslims ?! I wonder what it is about Islam, that incites such intense violent feelings among its believers…

All Play & No Work…


All through my career, I always considered myself overworked and underpaid. For a change now, I consider myself under worked and underpaid too !

I am tired surfing the internet and playing solitaire during work hours to pass my time ! Most of all, I am fed up pretending to be working !

I hope this phase passes quickly…

P.S. And to think, I used to envy some of my friends in the IT sector who were on the bench for a couple of months. At that point, I was so tired slogging away day and night to meet my deadlines, that I genuinely believed nothing could be better than whiling away your time during work hours, and still taking home the paycheck !

The big delusion…

Do we humans truly need the concept of God, religion, heaven, hell, paradise, etc. to be good people ?

There are many who think so.

Frankly, I don’t understand how anybody can buy it ! To me, it seems exactly similar to a mother trying to discipline her child by saying that, a monster will come and eat you up if you misbehave, or that some scary stranger will come and take you away if you don’t eat your food, and so on. Though, the difference there is that, when the child grows up, he realises that it was all a game, and has a good laugh over it.

But in this case (God), the child never comes out of the delusion !

I know, I might be wrong in calling it a delusion, because afterall I don’t have any evidence to prove it. Just like the believers don’t. But they still choose to keep the faith.

In any case, if God is really a nice, forgiving person, then why is He so intent on making people believe in him ?! Ideally, it shouldn’t matter. Is it because His ego is hurt ?? I think, all that matters is that you live a good life, treat everybody and everything around you with respect, not cause any harm intentionally, etc. But apparently, that is not enough to guarantee an entry into heaven/ paradise/ whatever you choose to call it. You also need to believe in Him.

WHY ???

P.S. This is an unedited post written in a fit of fury (after having read some intensely religious articles). I guess, I will update it later.

Two ways of looking at it !

Aaaargh…there are a few things, which I so badly want to blog about. But I cannot, for fear of this blog being banned next ! The last thing I want is to see that familiar white screen with big bold red letters saying ‘SITE BLOCKED’, when I try to login to my own page !


Any case, that is probably the worst that can happen (I assume !). Considering the fact that Alexander Solzhenitsyn was imprisoned for 8 years in the labour camps of Gulag, only because he wrote some unsavoury things about Stalin in one of his letters to his friend, I guess I am so much better off !